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It is a particular concern to me to remove taboos on the subject of cancer, to help with education and to support non-profit organizations.
Due to my own cancer in 2018 I have a special connection to this topic & I want to support and raise awareness through my work.

If you buy one of my paintings you not only get a creation full of strength, vitality and pure joy but you also help organizations like FUCK CANCER to continue their important & valuable work!

For every painting sold I will donate 30% of the profit to a non-profit organization dedicated to the topic of cancer!



Please do not worry! Transparency is important to me!
After you have purchased a painting you will receive the receipt of the donation via email as soon as possible.

I would like to briefly introduce you to the first non-profit organization FUCK CANCER by Myriam von M:

The Fuck Cancer organization has set itself the task of supporting people with palliative cancer. The focus is on accompanying those affected on their way, giving them support and security, especially when they need it most.




The tasks include:

         care for people with cancer and their relatives through financial help in the event of illness

         advice and support during office visits

         accompaniment to visits to the doctor, as well as assistance with hospital and / or doctor visits

         terminal care

         psychological counseling

         fulfilling heart's desires

         educational work (especially school education)

         public relation

         organization of lectures, excursions, trade fair visits

         beauty workshops



If you want to know more about FUCK CANCER please click HERE